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Cursed House

Evil spirits have taken over a once beautiful house! Use your match-three skills purge the dark forces that possess it! With its amazing production values and relaxed gameplay, Cursed House will keep you coming back for more!
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1 Tatiana  
I bookmarked this site so long ago that I don't realcl where I found it. However, after reading some of the other comments, I can hypothesize that Wen-M was probably the reason why I found it; I follow him on DA. I feel Cursed (as I have not had the pleasure of reading any of your other works) probably appeals to a large range of people. It's easy reading, making it suitable for teenagers/young adults, but also has interesting development (I especially like your humor) that also keeps adults engaged in the story as well. My only critique is that sometimes it seems as though there are too many breaks on the page (too many paragraphs, with not much development in each). So far, it hasn't detracted from your work, but I find it somewhat distracting to read two sentences and then go to another paragraph that's only three sentences long. It could be just me, though. I've found you on DA and am looking forward to reading more of your works (as well as updates to Cursed).

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Miercuri, 14/Noi/2018, 20:58:42
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